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Artist Portraits  
     1.    Arif
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     3.    Cezinando
     4.    Dutty Dior
     5.    DARKBOAT
     6.    EMIR
     7.    Fryser
     8.    Hanneks
     9.    Gerald Ofori 
    10.   Girl In Red 

    11.   Kamelen
    12.   Larsiveli
    13.   Martin Hazy
    14.   Markus Neby
    15.   Ma$arati
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    25.   Siyabång

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    27.   Sebastian Zalo 
    28.   Serene 
    29.   TROPO
    30.   Unge Ferrarri
    31.   Winnie 

Fashion Portfolio
    1.    Are you not entertained?
    2.    Bald Terror
    3.    Bello 

    4.    B. Swirl 
    5.    Buffalo Shoes
    6.    Casta Diva
    7.    Diesel

    8.    Gloop
    9.    Gudfreja
  10.    House of Dagmar
    11.  House of Ptah
    12.  LEX + MIR
    13.  Life Hack 
    14.  Limmo
    15.  Negatives
    16.  Pt3D
    17.  Rora
    18.  Selfish
    19.  Smack a Bitch
    20.  Starr 
    21.  Sp!ce
    22.  Vera
    23.  3D Undersea
    24.  #myCeviKoe 

Commissioned Work
    — D2 — Magasinet
    — Dagbladet Magazinet 
    — Logo
    — Natt&Dag

     1.  My Awkward Family 
     2.  Mania
     3.  Clown Motel 
     4.  Captain Beany 
     5.  Gloop Pool
     6.  Still Life 
     7.  Self 

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I heard rumors about a man that was obsessed with beans. From the city of Oslo I travelled to the small town Port Tabloit in England, to visit "Captain Beany". In a taxi from the airport, the taxidriver asks me what I'm going to do in the small, local city with 35,000 residents. "Visit Captain Beany", I answered. "You're kidding me? He is a local beanhead!!", he answered. So, the rumors was true. I arrived at his home and museum "Baked Bean Museum of Excellence", wich is the #1 thing to do in Port Talbot on Tripadvisor.

Beany claims that the Heinz product and his new persona saved his life. By converting to his new lifestyle of a fantasy world, he prosessed the loss of his mother, who died of cancer in 1997. He has been living the lifestyle as the character for over 40 years, and changed the his name legally to Captain Beany in 2001. Watch video:  Link

On his 60th birtday Captain Beany got 60 beans tattooed on his skull. Every bean represents a the 60 children who died of bran cancer in England during 2014. The tattoo was done for charity, and he raised £3,600 for a donation to cancer research:

Captain Beany eats 5 kg beans in tomato sauce weekly. For that reason, he has produced his own "FartTrappa" to collect all of the gas.

In the livingroom. Everything is orange.

Captain Beany's shoes with heart shaped heels. His socks are of course also orange, printed with Heinz Tomato Beanz design.

Detail shot from his toilet. “Bean there, done that”.

One day one of the 400 tinned cans of beans in tomatosauce exploded in his livingroom. Captain Beany decided to not clean up after the incident, and leave the marks after the explosion, as a memory from the happening.