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Artist Portraits  
     1.    Arif
     2.    Bjarne Melgaard
     3.    Cezinando
     4.    Deathcrush
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     6.    DARKBOAT
     7.    Dragongirl 
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     8.    Jimi Somewhere
    10.   Hanneks
    11.   Gerald Ofori 
    12.   Girl In Red 

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    14.   Larsiveli
    15.   Martin Hazy
    16.   Markus Neby
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    32.   Sebastian Zalo
    33.   Serene 
    34.   TROPO
    35.   Unge Ferrarri
    36.   Winnie 

Fashion Portfolio
     1.   Are you not entertained?
     2.   Bald Terror
     3.   Bello 

     4.   B. Swirl 
     5.   Buffalo Shoes
     6.   Casta Diva
     7.   Diesel

     8.   Gloop
     9.   Gudfreja
   10.   House of Dagmar
   11.   House of Ptah
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   14.   Life Hack 
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   24.   Sp!ce
   25.   Vera
   26.   3D Undersea
   27.   #myCeviKoe 

Commissioned Work
    — D2 — Magasinet
    — Dagbladet Magazinet 
    — Logo
    — Natt&Dag

     1.  Captain Beany
     2.  Clown Motel
     3.  Handlekjetting
     3.  Mania
     4.  MoteGud
     5.  My Awkward Family
     6.  Gloop Pool
     7.  Self
     8.  Still Life
     9.  Symbolic
   10.  X-RAYS

CV  —  Publications


Photographed clown paintings from the motel rooms

Welcome To the Clown Motel!
521 N Main St, Tonopah, NV 89049, USA
The Clown motel is located in Tonopah, a town literally miles from anywhere, but don’t worry about that, because you won’t be lonely at the Clown Motel. Clown Motel, like its name suggests, is literally full of clowns. The motel office has over 678 clowns on display, and there’s even a stuffed, life-sized clown that sits in a chair in the lobby, where you can also buy your own clown nose. According to owner Bob Perchetti, they only have “happy clowns”.

“Please come share our happy clown faces and smile along with us,” it says on their Facebook page. “We hope to see you soon!”

The motel has 31 rooms available, and room no. 13 is written backwards. Coincidence? Probably! In some of the rooms, clowns hang from the ceiling over the beds. The receptionist asks guests to cover them with towels to avoid nightmares.

The carpets in the rooms are worn out, the wood and the walls are dirty. There is no breakfast served. Nevertheless one of the guests has lived there for 10 years - yes, you read that right. The guest is a geologist in the area, which spends both Christmas and New Year's Eve in one of the Clown Motel suites.

Near the motel there is a cemetery, and the receptionist asks all guests to say "leave behind" before going out of the gate of the cemetery to avoid being persecuted through the night.

Every month, the motel receives between 30-50 clowns every month as gifts from over night guests and passers. Many visitors come to see and experience the motel, but few choose to spend the night there. The motel is famous for being haunted, and some are frightened by the rumors.

Sometimes people suffering with clown phobia come to visit The Clown motel to try to overcome their biggest fear. So far, 2 of them have fainted, got white faces and started to cry hysterically.

According to Travel Channel’s television series, Ghost Adventures, whose team was called in to investigate, the motel has experienced “unusually high” amounts of paranormal activity. 

Click here to watch the Clown Motel documentary